Diagnose, repair, and rebuild all componentry: • Install new diode module and calibrate, update EEPROM • Repair Power Supply • Repair V-heads • Repair RF Driver • Full parts and labor warranty LaserAid and the LaserAid Logo are registered trademarks of LaserAid Spectra-Physics® Service for older 7200, 7300, R1/R2 DPL Laser Systems Used on ESI Md 80/8000, GSI W678 Service for FCBar (Prolite) DPL Laser Systems Diagnose, repair,  and rebuild all componentry: Diode Modules • Install new diode module (FCBar) and align to existing (or new) Fiber Optic Cable Asy - Part numbers: 0129-2653, 0129-5016, 0135-0388, 0135-0390, 0139-0395 - 0129-xxxx Diode Modules will be upgraded to 0135-xxxx type watertight packages for higher reliability • Repair or replace Fiber Optic Cable Asy and realign to FCBar • Reprogram EEPROM to perform per manufacturers’ specification Power Supplies • Part numbers: T10, T20, T40, J20, J40, J80 Heads • Part numbers: V80-106Q, VHP-80-106Q, V70-106Q, X30-106Q, Y70-106Q, and others • Full parts and labor warranty Home Services Spectra-Physics • ILX Lightwave ESI/LTX/XRL Equipment Sales Contact Us Links