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Spacegrips® Wireless
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The new design is manufactured using a 3D printer comprising extruded ABS plastic & is 70% lighter than the original material.

Evolution of the design was funded in part by the USArmy CERDEC, for their Battle Command System (BCS) of the future development. 

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Spacegrips® Wireless

See Spacegrip in Action!
You can see SpaceGrips® in action using  Digital Artforms InDex's Virtual Reality Modeling software. Digital Artforms is a a leader in Immersive modeling applications.
Polhemus Patriot System!
SpaceGrips® with new Patriot system from Polhemus. Smallest and most economical tracker solution available!
Patriot with Stereo Graphics SynthaGram System!
SpaceGrips® with Polhemus Patriot™ system and Stereo Graphics/ReadD the new SynthaGram™ Glasses-free 3D™.


SpaceGrips® are two-handed devices that harness your natural dexterity by putting you in the task environment. Because you use a pair of tracked button controllers rather than a mouse and keyboard, user comfort and productivity improved significantly.



Now VR (Virtual Reality) controllers featuring comfort, economy, and ease-of-use, are available with the new SpaceGrips® hand controllers. The VR user now has a comfortable and intuitive solution to their input needs.  SpaceGrips® were designed with input from experts in the field, to provide the next generation input device.  Examining the human hand in its natural resting position, whether in the weightlessness of space or floating in an isolation tank,  indicated the optimal position at which the hand and arm are most comfortable; its natural resting position. 

SpaceGrips® are designed for all hand sizes.  This one-size-fits-all design is one of the significant advantages over other input devices.  The shape easily houses the most popular tracking transducers used in the industry.

The controller housings are manufactured using a state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.  The manufacturing printer uses ABS extrusion that produces a lightweight, comfortable, and very durable structure. This technology also affords user customization without costly retooling.


SpaceGrips® is manufactured by LaserAid of Los Gatos, California, celebrating over 18 years of quality products and service.   SpaceGrips®  is protected under US Patent #7,292,224 B2 and Design Patent # D510,352 S.  Other patents pending.   SpaceGrips® and "Get A Grip On Reality" are registered trademarks of LaserAid, Los Gatos, California, USA